Every project is unique. Client requirements, environmental and fiscal conditions, cooperating companies and local legislation are just a few of the parameters that lead to an unlimited diversity in projects. We approach every project taking these, and other factors, into consideration.

Buildings for the performing arts are some of the most exciting and most complex buildings to be constructed. The plethora of technical systems that need to be integrated into a single building is unrivalled. Machinery capable of moving massive loads of several
hundred tons at breathtaking speed, multimedia systems using the latest state-of-the-art network technology and power requirements only found in industrial buildings need to be integrated into a single building, while the artistic atmosphere and the architectural design remain uncompromised.

There is a complex relationship between the logistic layout of the building, the technical infrastructure and the architectural building design.

Understanding this complexity is key to creating an outstanding performance space that satisfies the distinctive needs of the performers, the theatre staff and the audience alike.

Working with you, we define a strategy for a successful cooperation; subsequently the actual range of services provided is based on your unique project requirements.

We are completely independent from manufacturers or suppliers and are fully committed to our client.

Stage machinery


Lighting systems


Sound reinforcement


Video and projection systems


Media networks and control systems


Communication systems


Electrical infrastructure


Safety related systems


Rigging systems


Scenery structures and exhibition stands


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