Planning & Engineering


We provide full service throughout all project stages, from the initial idea to the opening night and beyond, to guarantee outstanding success for your project.

Through our practical experience in theatre work, along with our engineering skills and our extensive experience in the design of performance spaces, we can guide the project team through the entire project.

We will determine the appropriate technical equipment needed for the intended use; we will design all performance related systems and combine proven and tested systems with innovative system designs tailored to the needs of your venue; we will do acoustic simulations and acoustics design for the auditorium. Additionally, we will assist the architect in finding the best solutions for practical backstage facilities, loading and storage facilities, front of house areas and the layout of the auditorium to guarantee the artistic, operational and commercial success of your performing arts building. Further, we will provide all the specialist planners on the project team with relevant information as load plans and requirements for the buildings electrical system.

Whatever it is you want to do - renovation or refurbishment of an existing building, as well as the development of an entirely new building - we will enthusiastically accept the challenges.

Stage machinery


Lighting systems


Sound reinforcement


Video and projection systems


Media networks and control systems


Communication systems


Electrical infrastructure


Safety related systems


Rigging systems


Scenery structures and exhibition stands


& Engineers