Venue managements, performing arts companies, building and cultural authorities, architects or investors – whatever group you are in, at one point you might get involved in the new development or redevelopment of a building for the performing arts.

Some of you have experience in the performing arts industry and some in the building industry. To create a performing arts space, you need both. We offer consultancy services for all aspects of the design of these buildings.


You can approach us at any stage of the project: for advisory during the initial concept phase to project management, controlling and supervising services during the planning and building phase.
We’ve been collaborating with people of your profession in the past on many projects. So we know what you need and how we can support you.

We can help you to get a struggling project back on track or to make a good project even better.

We are sure that we can make a significant contribution to your project.


Stage machinery


Lighting systems


Sound reinforcement


Video and projection systems


Media networks and control systems


Communication systems


Electrical infrastructure


Safety related systems


Rigging systems


Scenery structures and exhibition stands


& Engineers