Feasibility Studies


Why? What? Where? Who? When? How?

There are so many questions that need to be answered at the start of a project. We are here to provide answers to these questions,
and to develop your ideas and a vision for your project.

We will execute a study about the needs, resources and constraints, site conditions, time scale and financial viability.

After the evaluation of this study, we will start with a technical and logistical concept for your venue. The quality of the logistical concept for a performing arts building defines the usability of this building and therefore has a direct influence on the quality of the performances and the cost of operation. We will prepare all the necessary information for the client to do the design brief and for the investor to decide about future proceedings. If required, we will compose relevant information for the architect and all the other specialist planners.

All the decisions made during the initial phase of a project, along with decisions not made, will define the quality of your theatre and future performances.

We will be happy to guide you through this initial phase and support your first steps towards an outstanding performance space.

Stage machinery


Lighting systems


Sound reinforcement


Video and projection systems


Media networks and control systems


Communication systems


Electrical infrastructure


Safety related systems


Rigging systems


Scenery structures and exhibition stands


& Engineers